Improv Workshops at PIP on May 3 & 4

PIP_logoBring a friend, bring a date, or just come because you think you are funny.

Two Days Only! Classes taught by Tim Stoltenberg, cast member of Second City 2: Less Pride, More Pork, brought to you by the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park (

Workshop 1: Improv for Beginners – Saturday, May 3, 7:00–9:30PM – $50

This workshop will focus on making choices right away and get that scene moving. We will explore how to use environment and character to support your choices and make the scene fun for you, your partner, and the audience.

Workshop 2: Improv Master Class – Saturday, May 4, 1:00–3:30PM – $50

For experienced improvisers who have been doing this for a while, a workshop to rekindle that excitement and inspiration of doing improv. We’ll break down old habits, patterns, and get you out of your head, as well as look at scene relationships in a different way to keep every scene fresh and exciting.

Call 513-421-3888 to register.

Both classes are taught at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45202 in the Marx Rehearsal Hall.

Tim Stoltenberg appeared at the Playhouse in 2012 in The Second City 2: Less Pride, More Pork. He has worked with Second City since 2008, and is a current member of Chicago’s iO (Improv Olympics) and the Improvised Shakespeare Company. He has also worked with Baby Wants Candy, Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, Laughing Matters Improvisation, and ComedyCity of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He taught several wildly successful improvisation classes for Cincinnati Playhouse in the summer of 2012.

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