PETER PAN Runs April 30-May 4

Presented by Miami University
April 30-May 4

Directed by Laura Feldmeyer
Choreographed by Tess Stanifer

Cast: Jeremiah Plessinger as Barrie/Hook/Twin/Peter, Adam Joesten as Peter, Lauren Kammerling as Jane/Tootles, JP Horton as Curly/John/Nana, Kaela Smith as Nibs/Starkey, Richard Dent as Second Twin/Smee, Kate Hendrickson as Michael/Tiger Lily, Tamara Ljbibratic as Mrs. Darling/Tink/Mermaid, Theresa Liebhart as Wendy, Meryl Juergens as Slightly/Hook

Long before Peter Pan ever appeared on stage or screen, it was a game played by playwright James Barrie and five young brothers among the stately promenades and climbing trees of London’s Kensington Gardens. In this adaptation, Barrie rejoins the game, and travels through his memory and imagination to revisit the moments of his life that influenced the creation of Peter Pan’s most iconic characters, moments, and places.

As Barrie slips between the timeless world of Never Land, 1870s Scotland, and war-torn early twentieth century London, he reveals how his relationship to his most famous and long-lived work changed throughout his life.

As Wendy flies to Never Land, Hook captures the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell drinks the poison, and Peter decides whether to grow up or stay a boy forever, the character of Barrie must choose whether or not to finish writing Peter Pan in this creative re-imagining of the original 1904 play. Pulling from his personal notebooks, published works, speeches, and letters, Barrie speaks in his own words – painting a personal portrait of one of the world’s most beloved writers.

  • Wed-Fri, April 30-May 2 at 7:30pm
  • Sat, May 3 at 2pm & 7:30pm
  • Sun, May 4 at 2pm

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