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HEAD OVER HEELS Runs April 20-24

Miami University
April 20-24
Gates Abeggien Theatre [Oxford]

They’ve got the beat in the kingdom of Arcadia! But it is all at risk when the King receives a most dire prophecy. The royal family’s  journey to evade fate leads each member on a path of discovery centered on equity, inclusion, and self-knowledge. Love is love in this bawdy, madcap combination of a 16th century romance and the songs of 80’s rockers the Go-Go’s. Heaven isn’t just a place on earth. It’s on the stage!

  • Wed-Sat April 21-23 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, April 24 at 2pm

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Miami University
March 9-13
Studio 88 Theatre [Oxford]

Christmas in July? We bring you Thanksgiving in March! Welcome to a typical suburban drama classroom where a group of educators gather to create a new Thanksgiving play for elementary school students. Earnest and well-intentioned, the teachers struggle with the layers of complexity surrounding the holiday. Larissa FastHorse’s quick-paced comedy takes on our notion of wokeness with humor and honesty.

  • Wed-Sat, March 9-12 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, March 13 at 2pm

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MU 2021 Fringe Festival Runs Nov. 18-20

MU_Fringe 2021 logoFringe Festival 2021
Miami University Theatre
Nov. 18-20
Gates-Abegglen Theatre & Studio 88 [Oxford]

This concert consists of four pieces choreographed by faculty, students, and guest artist Countess Winfrey of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Theatre. The content of the pieces will be as diverse as the interested participants.

By Joseph Sheridan
Presented by New Wave Theatre Company
Best friends Danica, Allison, and Ryan are starting their first semester of college in the town where they grew up. They were hoping for an easy and smooth transition to school, but life gets in the way. The Butterflies’ Promise will be performed as a musical tour through songs originally performed using the Vocaloid voice synthesizer software that chronicle the trio’s journey through their first semester as they laugh, love, cry, and find their own identities through a turbulent coming-of-age.

A play by Baxter Whitehead
Two men sit together at the end of the world, grappling with the sheer incomprehensibility of what has happened. As they talk about the meaning of life and grief in this subtext-rich short drama, the hidden truth of their situation slowly comes to light.

A play by Ruby Gray
What does it mean to be a woman? In Time follows two sets of people, one “then” and one “now”, as they find love, identity, and a chance for liberation. Alternating vignettes reveal that these moments in time are not as different as they may seem. Through letters, balls, texts, and unexpected encounters, Sarah, Cecilia, Sam, and Casey learn what it means to see and be seen. Recipient of the 2021 Miami University Theatre Gallagher Playwriting Award.

A film by Jordan Myers
ONE is a story about a young woman named Jess who is faced with a world where man-eating demons inhabit all reflective surfaces. Your cell phone, computer screen, mirror…nothing is safe. Daily routines become deadly. In a horrifying sequence of incidents and close-calls, Jess must stop the demons from preying on herself, her friends, her family, and ultimately the world.

10/19/21 COVID-19 Policy: Masks will be required at all Fringe performances.

  • Thu, Nov 18 at 7pm IN TIME (Studio)
    Thu, Nov. 18 at 8:30pm BIG OL’ TINY LI’L DANCE CONCERT (Gates)
  • Fri, Nov. 19 at 7pm BUTTERFLIES’ PROMISE (Gates)
    Fri, Nov. 19 at 8:30pm THE END OF THE WORLD (Studio)
  • Sat, Nov. 20 at 4pm BUTTERFLIES’ PROMISE (Gates)
    Sat, Nov. 20 at 5:30pm 7pm IN TIME (Studio)
    Sat, Nov. 20 at 7pm BIG OL’ TINY LI’L DANCE CONCERT (Gates)
    Sat, Nov. 20 at 8:30pm THE END OF THE WORLD (Studio)
    Sat. Nov. 20 at 10pm ONE (Gates)

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R.U.R. (ROSSUM’S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS) Available Oct. 15-29

Miami University Theatre
Oct. 15-29

The world’s leading robot factory builds a line of lifelike robots, complete with artificial intelligence, to perform those tasks humans no longer wish to do. What could go wrong? Čapek’s play debuted a century ago, introducing the word “robot” to the world. And raising questions about humanity’s relationship with technology that we still ask every day.

  • Available for streaming Oct. 15-29

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MU Theatre Presents Climate Change Theatre Action April 28-May 1

MUT_Mother Earth logoMU Theatre presents Mother Earth’s Gallery of Broken Things: Miami University Theatre’s Climate Change Theatre Action between April 28 and May 1, 2020. This series of short performances, curated by Mother Earth, calls on humans to heal the planet. Featuring the work of 9 global and local playwrights, this outdoor site-specific performance (performed with social distancing) uses dance, projections, poetry, storytelling, and comedy to create performances that spark the power of imagination and collective action.

When Miami University Theatre had to reconsider their 2021 spring production season, Dr. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong proposed an outdoor site-specific performance for a socially distant format. With student designers, dramaturgs, directors, and managers, they curated short plays from two edited collections by Chantal Bilodeau; Where is the Hope? An Anthology of Short Climate Change Plays and Lighting the Way: An Anthology of Short Plays About the Climate Crisis.  Bilodeau is the director of Climate Change Theatre Action, a global network of artists integrating activism for the planet.

The performance includes plays by globally recognized playwrights as well as Miami University students. Each piece addresses different questions such as:  Can we take action to save endangered species?  How can we listen to the environment around us?  What wisdom do our ancestors (or aliens) have to help us save the planet?  How are we connected to others through the resources we consume? How will we solve the complex puzzle and imagine new possibilities for the future? The performances begin in the courtyard behind the Center for Performing Arts. Tour guides will walk audience members to short presentations near Miami’s Center for Performing Arts and Hiestand Hall.

The Climate Change Action Project reached across Miami University to create engaging collaborations for the show, including with the Miami University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Ricardo Averbach and Dr. Roxanne Ornelas, associate professor of geography, is featured in a role. Student work includes projection designs from the Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design, original music compositions, and more. Miami University has joined other universities in signing the President’s Climate Leadership Commitments, striving for carbon neutrality in the future.  This cultural event offers an opportunity to contemplate our personal role in our community’s commitment to the future.

For more information about free ticketing, please visit Miami University’s Box Office HERE. This is a free event but it will be ticketed to maintain safe capacity and social distancing. For more information please visit the MU Theatre website HERE.

If you go:

Mother Earth’s Gallery of Broken Things: Miami University Theatre’s Climate Change Theatre Action, Directed by Ann Elizabeth Armstrong

April 28, 29, 30 & May 1, 7:30 p.m., Center for Performing Arts Plaza
Rain Dates: May 2 & 3

Short Performances:

  • “Failed Experiment” by Vitor Jatoba
  • “The Butterfly that Persisted” by Lana I. Nasser
  • “Blood on the Leaves” by Madeline Sayet
  • “About that Chocolate Bar” by Joan Lipkin
  • “The Blue Puzzle” by Clare Duffy
  • “When they Twinkle” by Tyler Creech
  • “Brackendale” by Elaine Avila
  • “Letter to the Ocean” by Caridad Svich
  • “It begins with Me” by Chantal Bilodeau

The team designing the production experience includes: students Tyler Creech (scene design); Kelsi Moore, Lily Rose, Annie Watson, Qiuyang Xiong (dramaturgs); Emily Stowers (assistant choreographer); Kevin Woeste (composer and sound designer); Jenna Wrona (lighting design); Taylor Yaeck (costume designer); Miami University faculty and staff members Gion DeFrancesco (production manager and designer); Ashley Goos (choreographer) Meggan Peters (costume) Curtis Mortimore (lighting/technical direction); and guest artists Jaclyn Schott (director) and Jason Sebasian (sound design).

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