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REVELATION presented by Untethered Theatre Company through Feb. 8.

Leah Strasser as Rebecca, Paul Morris as Dan & Ben Dudley as Brandon.

Leah Strasser as Rebecca, Paul Morris as Dan & Ben Dudley as Brandon.

I’ve spent the last several days replaying REVELATION in my head, trying to resolve the script, direction, acting choices and overall tone into something that makes sense to me…and I can’t.

The world created in REVELATION doesn’t seem to follow any logic. A few examples include: A world where wearing a name brand can kill you, but only if you go outside. Swimming across the Hudson River-turned-to-blood leads to disease, but apparently a shower and change of clothes waits on the other side as well. That 43 people will patiently wait their turn to be killed by one man with a shotgun. And where, like in a Saturday morning cartoon, you can pull off the steering wheel off and hand it to the person in the passenger seat to take over the driving duties. I could go on.

This is how my mind processes what I see on stage. And not being able to “buy into” this “reality” keeps me from becoming vested in the show.

For me, REVELATION needs an overall tone, more depth to the lead characters, and a strengthening of the themes that are being explored.

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My rating: 3 out of 5

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