David Lee Nelson. Photo by Jeff Burkle.

David Lee Nelson. Photo by Jeff Burkle.

THE ELEPHANT IN MY CLOSET presented by Keeping Watch as part of the 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Click here for a list of show times, local media coverage and other reviews.

David Lee Nelson’s one-man show, THE ELEPHANT IN MY CLOSET is a laugh-out-loud, smart, straight-talking 60+ minutes.

For those of you worried the show might be a extreme party-bashing tirade, nothing could be farther from the truth. Nelson begins with a quick history of the Republican Party, then recounts his own personal political history by Presidential election by Presidential election.

Running as a thread throughout the show, is Nelson’s relationship with his father. The only two men in a house full of women, politics was one of underpinnings in their close relationship. How would voting for Obama in 2012 affect their relationship?

David Lee Nelson. Photo by Jeff Burkle.

David Lee Nelson. Photo by Jeff Burkle.

Nelson is a talented performer with great comic timing. He has an easiness on stage and quickly establishes a great rapport with the audience. The multi-media used for the show are well done and well-chosen.

For laughs per minute, the funniest show at the fringe and worth a stop.

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