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CFF_The Bubble and Other DisplaysTHE BUBBLE AND OTHER DISPLAYS OF MORAL TURPITUDE presented by North American New Opera Workshop as part of the 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You can read the show description here.

Each year at the fringe festival, there is at least one show that I feel is outside my wheelhouse to review. This year that show is THE BUBBLE.

I don’t have much personal experience with opera. Musical theater and I go back decades, but I’ve seen only a handful of operas.

Vocally the ensemble is solid. What bothered me performance-wise was that, throughout the four mini-operas, I felt little emotional connection to what they were singing or in relating to the other actors on stage. In the second “Layover” particularly, I felt the discovery of, and reaction to, the “big reveal” was not given the correct emotional impact.

Part of the Fringe experience is seeing productions outside your comfort zone. For opera fans you can experience four new works. For the opera-curious, the show serves as an approachable  introduction to the art form.

Click here for a complete list of show times, local media coverage and other reviews for THE BUBBLE AND OTHER DISPLAYS OF MORAL TURPITUDE.

I would enjoy hearing what you think about the show or my review. All I ask is that you express your opinion without attacking someone else’s opinion. You can post your comments below.


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