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CFF_Dirk DarrowDIRK DARROW: NCSSI presented by Tim Motley as part of the 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

First a quick confession. In setting my fringe schedule, I start by compiling a list of must-sees. Using only the guide information in hand I go with my gut. This show had me at the title.

So I just read the actual show description and it pretty much says it all:

Follow the trail of a killer through murky paranormal city streets in the world’s only one-man comedy film noir magical murder mystery! Marvel at impossible deductions from clues supplied by you, the spectator! Think Boardwalk Empire meets X-Files meets Naked Gun. Part stand up, part mental-ism  part theater, all gritty 1940’s nostalgia.

Tim Motley is charming and funny in this polished one-man show. Since I had not read the description I was initially surprised by the first few magic tricks. Fun as those are, it’s the acts of mental-ism that are really impressive. (Most of which elicited a “Wha’??!!??” from Jay Kalagayan seated next to me. :))

The show does rely heavily on audience participation, but don’t hesitate to join in. It’s all in good fun and nothing too embarrassing. DIRK is being performed at 1334 Main Street, which is one of the smaller venues. The opening performance had few open seats. And for those of you that wondered, NCSSI stands for Not Completely Serious Supernatural Investigator.

From his online bio, Tim Motley is “a wisecracking New Yorker by birth, but he is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.” This gives him the distinction of having traveled the most miles to attend the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, ever. I’m glad he made the trip. Following the performance opening night, he broke character to encourage audience members to attend other performances at the festival. There is something about a man with an Australian accent…

Click here for a complete list of show times, local media coverage and other reviews for DIRK DARROW: NCSSI.

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