Presented by Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre
Oct. 11-14

Directed by Patricia Ganz
​Produced by Dick Gentry and Joe Nagle

Cast: Bob McClain as Mr. Frank, Carrie Vennefron as Miep, Charlie Mangess as Mr. Van Daan, Michelle Lewis as Mrs. Van Daan, Meg Haven as Mrs. Frank, Maggie Miller as Margo, Kaleigh Howland as Anne Frank, Nicholas Inglin as Peter, Dick Bell as Mr. Kraler & Don Campbell as Mr. Dussel

The story concerns the lives of real people who lived at a time of unspeakable horror for the Jewish population in many European countries. The Diary of Anne Frank is based on a true account of the lives of a Jewish family hiding from the German occupying forces in war-torn Amsterdam. To escape the horrors of Nazi persecution, Otto Frank hides with his wife and two daughters in attic rooms above an Amsterdam warehouse for two years. Also hiding with the Franks are four other people – the Van Daans, their son Peter, and a dentist, Mr Dussel. In her diary Anne recorded an account of the trials and tribulations of the people around her, all trying to live a normal life in cramped attic accommodation, whilst under the constant threat of discovery by the Gestapo.

  • Thu-Sat, Oct. 11-13 at 8pm
  • Sun, Oct. 14 at 2pm

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