THE SCREW YOU REVUE runs Sept. 21 & 22

Presented by Know Theatre Cincinnati as part of the Fall Fringe Festival
Sept. 21 & 22

Wayburn Sassy is an 89 year old self-proclaimed “Entertainment Legend” and America’s Favorite Bigot. Wayburn fears Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Japanese, Arabs, Islanders, the Taiwanese, bongo players, men in kilts, and above ALL he fears ” Whimsicals” (Wayburn’s word for Gay Men). Wayburn has the excellent fortune of sharing the stage with his “Amorous Amazon,” his “Leggy Lolita,” his “Girl-with-the-Gorgeous-Gams,” Miss Didi Panache. Didi loves everyone, but she loves Wayburn best. Together, this irreverent twosome transport the audience to a place where no subject is taboo and everyone takes part in the joke.

  • Fri, Sept. 21 at 9:15pm
  • Sat, Sept. 22 at 10pm

Official page with online ticketing | BTC page from June performances | BTC review |

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