Extras needed ANIMAL PLANET Filming

[Forwarded from OCTA]

I work for a television production company in London called Oxford Scientific Films on a series for Animal Planet called ‘Fatal Attractions’. This series looks into a great range of stories surrounding people who keep unusual and sometimes exotic animals as pets but the focus of our particular episode is snakes and we are following the story of Katherine Cyrus who was attacked by her father’s pet python in Las Vegas.

We are carrying out interviews with the family in West Virginia where they now live but part of the programme also includes some drama reconstruction where we hope to film a number of different scenes in and around Cincinnati in order to tell our story.

I was wondering whether any of your members might be interested in finding out more about the project or willing to help out as extras/actors for the programme and if we could get any more information to them about the project? We are likely to be filming between 1st-4th July and are looking for a variety of ages/genders etc to film with.

It would be fantastic to hear your thoughts on the above and whether you feel you might be able to help out at all.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Laura Harris
Assistant Producer
Oxford Scientific Films

N.B we are having problems with our work server at the moment & no access to work emails hence the email from my personal account – all cc’d above my usual work email (lharris@oxfordscientificfilms.tv) as well.

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