Blake Hammond as Uncle Fester. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

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THE ADDAMS FAMILY presented by Broadway in Cincinnati through April 8. You can read the show description here.

Let’s be honest. This is a musical based on a 1960s sitcom based on a comic strip. If you have a problem with that, you probably want to stay home. If you embrace it for what it is, you’ll have a fun, light-hearted and laugh-filled time.

There are strong voices and characterizations across the board. Present are Addams family members Gomez (Douglas Sills), Morticia (CCM MT ’99 alum Sara Gettelfinger), Uncle Fester (Blake Hammond), Grandma (Pippa Peachthree), now 18 year-old Wednesday (Cortney W0lfson), Pugsley (Patrick D. Kennedy) and ever faithful butler Lurch (Tom Corbeil). Newcomers (or is that new victims) include Wednesday’s beau, Lucas (Brian Justin Crum) and his parents Alice (Victoria Huston-Elem on opening night) and Mal (Martin Vindnovic). The show also includes cameos by Thing and Cousin It.

Sara Gettelfinger as Morticia and Company in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

[A few fun facts: In the television series, Uncle Fester was Morticia’s brother, not Gomez’s. Also, Wednesday was the younger Addams sibling and Grandma was referred to as “Grandmama.”]

Visually the production values are very strong. The exterior of the Addams family home and the tree on the hill overlooking the city were highlights for me. The use of flys and a curtain that divided the stage into two play areas help keep the show flowing along. One- or two- too-many ballads in the second act did slow the pace down a bit.

The Ancestors of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

I really enjoyed the ensemble that serve as the pantheon of Addams ancestors. Fun characters and great costumes. When they made their first entrance on stage, I immediately thought of the “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” ghosts, another childhood favorite. Also very clever was Morticia’s “Tango de Amor” dress. You’ll know why when you see it.

Douglas Sills (Gomez), Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday), Brian Justin Crum (Lucas Beineke) and Martin Vidnovic (Mal Beineke) in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

A favorite number in Act II was Uncle Fester’s “The Moon and Me.” The staging was very imaginative, employing some great theater magic. Also peppered throughout the show are some fun visual gags, theater nods and pop culture references for all ages. Grandma has one of my favorite zingers in the show.

I was surprised that a few staples from the series were missing: the doorbell, the harpsichord and Lurch’s “bell” followed by “You, rang.” All minor quibbles.

Is THE ADDAMS FAMILY family-friendly? To answer that, I’ll defer to Shannan Boyer of Family Friendly Cincinnati. She took her two young sons to the show, and you can read her thoughts here.

Overall, fans of the television series will enjoy an evening (or afternoon) of nostalgic fun from the current Broadway touring production. My guest and I had a blast and snapped along.

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Patrick D. Kennedy (Pugsley), Pippa Pearthree (Grandma), Sara Gettelfinger (Morticia), Douglas Sills (Gomez), Tom Corbeil (Lurch), Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday) and Blake Hammond (Uncle Fester) in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

I would enjoy hearing what you think about the show (especially if you were unfamiliar with the television series) or my review. All I ask is that you express your opinion without attacking someone else’s opinion. You can post your comments below.



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2 responses to “THE ADDAMS FAMILY Review

  1. HH

    Thought it was extremely fun and entertaining production! Wasn’t sure what to expect since the reviews of the show (prior to all the revisions, edits, and changes) weren’t so glowing. Glad we had season subscriptions and ended up seeing the Addams Family! My 11 year old absolutely loved it and said she liked it almost as much as Wicked ~ a huge compliment from from an Elphaba fan 🙂 All the actors were great but we were especially impressed with Patrick Kennedy (Pugsley)! My daughter asked when he had time to go to school AND become such a great singer! 🙂 Overall, we really enjoyed the show and thought it was time and money well spent!


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