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Christopher Dooley as Harry & Colette Thomas as Joan.

LOVE SONG presented by The Untethered Theater Company through Jan. 15. You can read the show description here.

UTC aims high with their sophomore production, taking on a demanding script (in character and set). LOVE SONG is described as a “quirky, off-beat comedy.” Quirky is hard to pull off. Opening night, it seemed the cast had yet to find their rhythm with each other.

The lead of Beane is played by Glenn Schaich. His interpretation of Beane came across more as emotionally detached rather than socially awkward. I understand why, for the first scenes of the show, you had Beane dressed as he was, but the fully buttoned trench coat came off a bit “flasher-ish” to me. It would have been welcome to see a bit more personality come through. The more the audience is rooting for Beane, the more successful the show.

MaryKate Moran as Molly & Glenn Schaich as Beane.

Early scenes with Beane’s sister Joan (Colette Thomas) and her husband Harry (Christopher Dooley) were not as successful as their later, happy scene. The two actors didn’t seem to be performing at the same level in emotion and energy. I understand that the relationship is troubled but I didn’t get a good sense of why.

Rounding out the cast is MaryKate Moran as Beane’s girlfriend Molly. I enjoyed the level of intensity she brought to the character initially, but as Molly begins to soften, so did the energy of the character.

Colette Thomas as Joan & Glenn Schaich as Beane.

One of the most successful scenes takes place near the end of the play in the heart-to-heart with siblings Beane and Joan in his apartment. I do think there is a bit more humor to find in the script, especially during the scene in the restaurant.

The three playing areas for the show required the set to run the length of the building. I wish there had been some way to get the set pieces off the floor a bit. Actor’s heads tended to disappear into the audience whenever they sat on stage in either living space. The required special effect for the apartment didn’t read very well from across the room. The white on white walls made it hard to tell, visually, what was happening.

Overall, the pieces are there for a good production and I’m confident that the performances will get stronger as the run continues. The connections between the characters just need to be better defined.

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