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Nicholas Rose as Professor Bhaer & Maggie Lou Rader as Jo. By Mikki Schaffner Photography

LITTLE WOMEN presented by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

ReviewPress release | Production information


DTGRecent Season Announcements

Dayton Theatre Guild | Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | Victoria Theatre Association Star Attractions | Victoria Theatre Association Broadway Series | Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park |


KTC_The Next 15 MinutesSERIALS 2: THE THUNDERDOME presented by Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Episode 3 Smackdown videoWeek 2, who survived? | Week 1, Podcast of PEGGY HART MINI MYSTERIES performance | Week 1, who survived?Show titles for episode 1 | Production information 


Ernie Cusack tries in vain to explain his apron to newly arrived Glenn Cooper in Neil Simon's RUMORS. Pictured left to right, Bill Keeton & Robert Weidle. Elaine Volker image.

RUMORS presented by The Drama Workshop

Press release | Production information 


Christine Dye as Mattie Fae & Bob Allen as Charlie.

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY presented by Clifton Players & Untethered Theatre

Review | LCT reviewPress release | Production information | Video: Dale Hodges | Video: Buz Davis |


Jerry Yearout as Carl, Kent Smith as Jerry, Mike Burke as Michael, Amanda Borchers as Stacy, Marcia Grant as Mom, Dawn Lindsey as Jill & Harold Murphy as Dad. Photo by Angie Lipscomb Photography.

A NICE FAMILY GATHERING presented by Sunset Players

Press release | Production information | Video preview


CP_August Osage CountyMondays Are No-So-Dark in February and March

Trailer for THE FUNERAL |



Jonathan Gillard Daly as Dan and Sarah Day as Betty. Photo by Sandy Underwood.

CHAPATTI presented by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Review | Video previewPress release | Production information


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