Celebration of Philip Paul at Washington Park on July 17

WP_Philip Paul logo(Cincinnati, OH) On Sunday, July 17, from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. a celebration of the great Philip Paul will take place in Washington Park.  This celebration of Mr. Paul, who passed on January 30, 2022 after living 96 years, is a vision of his widow Bobbie Paul and produced by the King Records Legacy Foundation:

– All welcome, free and open
– Come together for Philip
– 96 minutes of Jazz
– 96 minutes of Blues
– Spoken word tributes
– Complimentary CDs of Mr. Paul’s “It’s About Time” and “Live at The Cincinnatian”
– 96 screen prints of mural featuring Philip Paul, Otis Williams and Bootsy Collins

Hear and Learn About Mr. Paul’s Musical Legacy:
For an in-depth experience of Mr. Paul’s session work with King Records, its subsidiary labels, as well as other releases on Columbia Records and more, see Zero to 180’s in-depth piece dedicated to Mr. Paul.  This thoroughly researched piece includes links to audio and video interviews, performances, pictures plus:

For 9 hours of recordings featuring Mr. Paul:
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2froUm29xEP7HrDN7Nt7ck
APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/philip-paul-the-pulse-of-king-records/pl.u-DDPeuJ3jAd

About Mr. Paul’s Advocacy and King Records Legacy Foundation:
Mr. Paul’s legacy with King Records, not only includes being a main session drummer for about 15 years, but he served as a leading advocate for King Records in the Cincinnati leading to the region’s growing embrace and celebration of its King Records heritage in recent years.  Mr. Paul spoke and performed with and for schools and varied audiences for decades.  He took opportunity after opportunity to highlight other unsung artists and musicians deserving recognition as he found himself being honored at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Cincinnati Jazz Hall of Fame and the Cincinnati Blues Society to name a few.

After engaging with many non-profits, Philip Paul joined fellow King Records artists Otis Williams and Bootsy Collins to ask City of Cincinnati officials to form an official group to partner with the City of Cincinnati to develop and implement a vision to revitalize the King Records buildings on Brewster Avenue.  Philip, Otis, and Bootsy were key advocates that led to historic marker, the local landmark designation and the City’s acquisition of King properties in Evanston.  Together, they saw reason to elevate all King Records persons and asked that the emphasis on King Records focus on the legacy as the buildings become revitalized.  As part of the work of the committee a non-profit 501(c)3, the King Records Legacy Foundation, was established in 2021.

Mrs. Bobbie Paul, who along with her late husband, willed a great collection of his legacy items to the foundation to be featured in the future King Records on Brewster and at Herzog.  She would like “the hat to be passed for King Records Legacy Foundation” at the Washington Park celebration.  Sales of screen-prints of the mural featuring Philip, Otis and Bootsy from the Ovation King Records Green Room designed by artist Keith Neltner will go the King Records Legacy Foundation.

“Mr. Philip Paul was the consummate professional support musician in the studio, on the road and as an educator. As demonstrated in his long-dedicated career of work with a vast array of top and new artists within multiple styles. He and those like him are one of the main reasons I have devoted my life’s work to the legacy of King Records and the universal language of music! He was a very close friend and he’ll be sorely missed, but never forgotten!” — Kent Butts, Board Chair & Executive Director of King Records Legacy Foundation

More about Celebration of Philip Paul in Washington Park:
Live music will feature musicians who played with Mr. Paul, the jazz set organized by Jim Anderson and the blues set organized by Ben Levin.  A limited amount of complimentary CDs available to attendees are thanks to Tom and Liz Antony.

This event is part of the DBL Law OTR Perform series in Washington Park.  Sponsored by DBL Law, GBBN Architects, and First Financial Bank, produced by 3CDC.



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