TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS presented by Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati through June 25. I attended the opening night performance.

ETC_Tiny Beautful Things2

Kearston Hawkins-Johnson* as Letter Writer #2, Taha Mandviwala* as Letter Writer #3, Michael G. Bath* as Letter Writer #1 & Kelly Mengelkoch* as Sugar. Photo. by Ryan Kurtz

Kelly Mengelkoch is excellent as “Sugar,” giving a layered and emotionally true performance as the online advice columnist. Providing her with great support as the various online “submitters” are Michael G. Bath, Kearston Hawkins-Johnson and Taha Mandviwala. As the requests for advice cover a variety of topics, I think each audience member will be impacted differently by these stories depending upon how they relate to their individual life experiences. Personally, I found the letter from a grieving father (Mr. Bath) to be especially well-performed and touching. This 80-minute intermission less performance reminds us to find and appreciate the tiny beautiful things in our lives.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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