FOOLSFEST: An Evening of Eight 10-Minute Plays On April 12

CPI_logoFOOLSFEST: An Evening of Eight 10-Minute Plays
Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative
April 12
Aronoff Center Fifth Third Bank Theater [Downtown]

New Voices Series presents its Spring festival of ten-minute play readings.

  • APRIL IS NOT FOOL by Eric Thomas
    Four suspects. Three weapons. Two languages. One corpse… but who is it?
  • HUMANOID TRAFFIC STOP by Roger Collins
    A routine traffic stop turns into anything but routine as two passengers, two police officers and their humanoid-assistant find themselves on a fantastical road to one foreseeable future.
  • I AM NOT A SHOE by David Hughes
    You clean your toenails with a salad fork.
    When a Shakespearean Fool shows up at an employment agency, the Office Manager has trouble finding him a job until he learns of his skill set.
  • MISFIT MANSION by Traci Taylor
    Where it Pays to Be Weird
  • SELF RESPECT: A BURIAL by Roger Brookfield
    Two gravediggers have the unusual but well-paid assignment of burying individual self-respects before they can cause environmental harm.
  • THE FOOL by Sanjay Puligadda
    An absurd comedy examines the travails of human existence through the eyes of the audience
  • THE TASTE TEST by Liz Coley
    For a single winery owner, finding the perfect man is a matter of taste.

3/11/22 – Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Tue, April 12 at 7:30pm

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