2022-2023 Season Announced by Dayton Theatre Guild

DTGThe Dayton Theatre Guild is pleased to announce our 2022/2023 theatrical season!

by Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell
Directed by Tim Rezash
Aug 26-Sep 11, 2022
A fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker for a prominent New York magazine is assigned to fact-check an essay about the suicide of a teenage boy. It is written by a talented and established writer, and publishing his piece can save the struggling magazine from collapse. The two battle over facts versus truth, with the magazine’s editor, who wants to run the story and who assigned the fact-checker to look it over, serving as referee.
Audition dates: Mon & Tue, July 11 & 12, 2022
(2M, 1W)

by Neil Simon
Directed by Marjorie Strader
Nov 4-20, 2022
BROADWAY BOUND is one of Neil Simon’s highly acclaimed autobiographical plays, and was a 1987 Pulitzer Prize finalist in Drama. Eugene and his older brother Stanley are trying to break into the world of show business as comedy writers, while dealing with the break-up of their parents. They write what they know, which is what is going on in their household, giving it all a comedic twist.
Audition dates: Mon & Tue August 29 & 30, 2022
(4M, 2W)

by Lee Blessing
Directed by Doug Lloyd
Jan 13-29, 2023
Toby and Mia are graduate students with a bright future ahead of them: a baby on the way and a college coaching job for Toby. But when Toby stumbles across a secret that threatens to derail their future, he and Mia must decide between honesty and loyalty, and whether doing something wrong is the only way to do what’s right. Inspired by the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, For the Loyal is an emotional and thought-provoking play.
Audition dates: Mon & Tue November 7 & 8, 2022
(4M, 1W)

by Mark St. Germain
Directed by Debra Kent
Mar 17-Apr 2, 2023
In 1902, Albert and Mileva Einstein had a daughter. After 1904, the child was never seen or spoken of again. It is now 1942, and a reporter has come to interview Einstein about his mysterious family history, only to discover far more secrets under the surface. As the reporter questions Einstein about his theory of relativity and personal past, she develops a new, more pressing query: To be a great man, does one first need to be a good man?
Audition dates: Mon & Tue January 16 & 17, 2023
(1M, 2W)

by Ibsen
adapted by Christopher Shinn
Directed by David Shough
June 2-18, 2023
This Broadway adaptation of Ibsen’s timeless drama presents a sympathetic, yet striking and powerful Hedda in the classic tale of her struggle to find a means of escape from a loveless, ordinary existence. Returning from her honeymoon, Hedda finds herself already bored of her husband, and longing for the days when she was free to exercise her wild and independent whims. With the return of an old flame and a proposition from an amorous judge, she begins a dangerous game, amusing herself by manipulating and destroying everyone around her in an attempt to regain control of her life.
Audition dates: (to be announced)
(3M, 4W)
*all audition dates are subject to change

Stay tuned for ticket information including season ticket memberships.

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