Third Annual Film Festival at Anderson High School

AHS_Riverside 1

Anderson High School Film students began shooting for the Film Festival in the Fall. This is for a scene in THE RIVER’S EDGE.

In light of the current Stay-at-Home directive, Anderson Theatre & Film will be using YouTube Premiere to present the 2020 Film Festival on Friday, April 24th, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Original Press Release below

On March 27 and 28, student films will once again take center stage at Anderson High School. The young Film Department at AHS, in collaboration with the AHS Symphony Orchestra, will present three short films that are almost entirely student created.

The scripts were written by Seniors Emily Ivanov, Caitlin Walsh, Jack Chandler, and Riley Orth, and the musical score for each film was composed by Senior Ian Baker. The actors and filmmakers are all students, and each night the score will be played live by the AHS Symphony Orchestra students.

AHS_Tangled 1

On-screen talent for the Film Festival includes Senior Mason Weber as Isaac and Senior Riley Orth as Sean in TANGLED LINE.

Film Teacher Chad Weddle, who founded the Film department in 2016, directed each of the three films, and says that they offer something special for local audiences. “You won’t be watching students perform other people’s work, you’ll be witnessing their own very personal stories, their own creative process. This program allows the students to truly share their voice with the community.”

“With three different films on the ticket,” says Orchestra Director Felipe Morales-Torres,  “audiences are guaranteed to hear a wonderful variety of original music, from lush fantasy soundtracks to somber folk melodies and dreamy mechanical inventions.”

AHS_Dream 1

The short film STORIES FROM THE DREAMSCAPE required surreal, dreamlike sequences that challenged the student filmmakers.

This is Mr. Morales-Torres’ second year working with the Department, and he appreciates the challenge this format brings to his music students. “It is remarkable to watch them perform in sync with the film, but knowing that everything was created by students is all the more impressive.”

The three short films are distinct, but Mr. Weddle points out that they share a common theme. “The films deal with loss, abuse, peer pressure, all things that families throughout society face every day. The student authors do not shy away from these issues, but rather meet them head on. Every audience member will see or hear something during the evening that will resonate deeply with them.”

Tickets to each showing are $10. Seating is reserved, and tickets can be purchased in advance at, or at the door each night. Box office opens at 6:15 and the films begin at 7:00.

AHS_Film Festival 20

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