BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY presented by Falcon Theatre through Feb. 8. I attended the opening Saturday performance. 

FT_Blues for an Alabama Sky prod1

Bryana Bentley as Angel and Elizabeth Taylor as Delia. Photo by Kristy Rucker

For the new year, Falcon takes its audience to Harlem in the summer of 1930 for the engaging drama BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY. This strong script touches upon several social issues that are still prominent 90 years later: racism, birth control/family planning, and homosexuality.

Producing Artistic Director Ted Weil’s set, featuring two small apartments separated by a hallway, is one of the most ambitious and well executed sets I’ve seen at Falcon. The two spaces are smartly furnished with great attention to detail. With Falcon’s limited play area, there were times when the tight quarters made for some awkward character crosses.

FT_Blues for an Alabama Sky prod3

Bryana Bentley as Angel. Photo by Kristy Rucker.

The five-person ensemble is well-cast and handles the material nicely. Director Torie Wiggins makes good use of the space and creates some beautiful stage pictures. There are some quiet, touching moments and the confrontational scenes had a nice bite to them. On Saturday night, the more conversational scenes lacked energy and could have used a bit more drive.

Overall a well-performed, solid period piece.

My rating: 4.25 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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