THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW presented by UC College-Conservatory of Music through Nov. 10. I attended the Saturday matinee performance. 

CCM_Rocky Horror Show 3

Mikayla Renfrow as Janet, Ethan Zeph as Frank ‘N’ Furter & Jake Waford as Brad. Photo by Mark Lyons.

Director & choreographer Vincent DeGeorge breathes new life into the cult-classic musical, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

CCM_Rocky Horror Show 23

Sofie Flores as Magenta. Photo by Mark Lyons.

The show is uniquely staged on a play area that is reminiscent of a runway, with the audience seated along the length on opposing sides. Except for the movie theater marquee hanging over one end of the play area, the set is comprised of smartly designed rolling pieces, courtesy of scenic designer Joshua E. Gallagher.

The iconic characters receive updated looks thanks to Costume Designer Maddie Kevelson and Wig & Make-Up Designer Kelly Yurko. The ensemble (Phantoms) are dressed in all black and presented as genderqueer. The named characters have more modernized looks, but are still easily identifiable.

CCM_Rocky Horror Show 19

Delaney Guyer as Columbia & Joseph (Hank) Von Kolnitz as Eddie. Photo by Mark Lyons.

The cast is very strong across the board in their performances and vocals. Ethan Zeph impresses with his command of the stage as Frank ‘N’ Furter. Music director Stephen Goers rocks out the score, doing double duty as keyboardist and conductor of the other five instrumentalists.

Overall a very enjoyable update to a show crossing into its fifties. Sadly this already extended run has pretty much SOLD OUT. Never hurts to contact the box office though.

My rating: 4.75 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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