Undercroft Players
Nov. 15-18
First Lutheran Church [Dayton]

Cast: Dave Nickel as Henry, Toylyn Blunt as Elizabeth, Erin Ryan as Judith, Craig Smith as Jared Havens, Traci Fischer as Glory Havens, Maximillian Santucci as Michael Cain, Shawn Kaliks as Frank Thomas, Katie Dunlap as Janet Thomas, Julia Dunlap as Girl, Jonathan Kalis as Boy, Kathy  Campbell as Lily Adair, Jan Muszynski as Herb, Joyce Genari as Deb, Malcolm Blunt as Sam, Don Campbell as Man & Sarah Saunders as Lily St. John

Have you ever lost anything that meant a great deal to you?  Something that if you could ever find it again would make a huge difference in your life?  If you have, “A Little Piece of Heaven” is the shop for you.  An unlikely relationship is forged in the quirky tourist shop.  Restless biker Michael, who is given a job in the shop, finds a friend in the sassy elderly Lily, although their relationship certainly  doesn’t start out that way. But there’s something odd about this little shop owned by the equally odd Elizabeth and Henry. Suspicion and disagreement turn to respect and trust in this place where long lost things are finally found.

  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 15-17 at 8pm
  • Sun, Nov. 18 at 3pm

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