SKINNED Runs Sept. 20-24

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Claire Autran

Written and performed by Claire Autran
Sept. 20-24
Gabriel’s Corner [Over-the-Rhine]

Directed by Bridget Leak

SKINNED offers a look into my personal struggle with the voice and how it began to control my mind, and, as a result, my body. During my final year of university, I became interested in the ominous and oppressive qualities of the inner voice and its effects on everyday experience: how what one hears as their inner monologue warps their perception of reality. In my mind there appeared to be a duality within this voice, manifesting itself as a constant war between two modern deities: healing & disorder. I became interested in the similarities between the rhythms of the natural world (the changing of seasons, the tide, the moon cycle) and the rhythms of our bodies (the nervous system, heartbeat, breath). We have learned how to measure these patterns and yet understand so little about the mind, which moves to its own rhythm. What if we could learn to measure the way the mind ebbs and flows the way we’ve learned to measure time? Perhaps from there we could learn how to control the oppressive power of the inner monologue, where disorder and dysfunction thrive.

  • Wed-Sun, Sept. 20-24 at 8pm (Wed is SOLD OUT)

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