HORIZONS OF GOLD Runs Aug. 25-27

NKYCT_Horizons of Gold logoHORIZONS OF GOLD
Northern Kentucky Community Theater
Aug. 25-27
Anderson Center

Directed & produced by Benjamin & Kaitlyn Iocco
Music Direction by Benjamin Price
Vocal Direction by Jeff Smith
Choreography by the Dance Center Choreographers

Cast: Andrea Squires as Rose, Naomi Winkler as Young Rose, Katelyn Fox as Margaret Thomas, Matt Dentino as John Bollen, Dan Docherty as Lawrence Thomas, Benjamin Iocco as Edward Thomas, Derrick Dinwiddie as William Thomas, Levi Sherman as Charlie Thomas, Angie Baker as Opal, Amy Weddle as Pearl, Rebekah LeDuc as Nettie, Rachel Handkins as Alice, Tim Lutz as Hank, Jonathan Lohrmann as Otis, Donny Elkins as Clarence, Katie Lutz & Paul Hernandez as Mama & Papa, Arnie Forman as Foreman, Arielle Mantel, Tara Caddell, Joe Beil & John Chickering as the Gospel quartet, Geri Campbell as Edith & Melody Rawlings as Ethel
Ensemble: Katie Lutz, Paul Hernandez, Arnie Forman, Arielle Mantel, Tara Caddell, Joe Beil, John Chickering, Steve & Melody Rawlings, Charlin West, Geri Campbell, Scott Warner, Isabella Keyes, Naomi Winkler, Rachel Jackson, Seth McKinney, Nathan DeVoe, Tori Brinker, Laurel Ellis, Kathleen DeWitt, Mark Kozelek, Jerica Henline & Hannah Diesterhaft
Dancers: Tim Lutz, Rachel Handkins, Jonathan Lohrmann, Amy Weddle, Donny Elkins, Rebekah LeDuc, John Chickering, Laurel Ellis, Derrick Dinwiddie, Angie Baker, Mark Kozelek, Hannah Diesterhaft, Levi Sherman, Jerica Henline, Nathan DeVoe, Tori Brinker, Seth McKinney & Isabella Keyes

Rose is a young Mexican migrant, abandoned and lost in turbulent 1930s California. She clings to Margaret Thomas, a Kansas farmwife displaced by the Dust Bowl. Together they grieve a lost family and search for home and healing in the midst of unrelenting hardships. Could John Bollen, the generous wheat farmer down the road, be a savior for them both? A powerful journey of the heart unfolds for three people who find their lives intertwined, each desperate to heal the past and embrace a new future.

  • Fri, Aug. 25 at 7:30pm
  • Sat, Aug. 26 at 2pm & 7:30pm
  • Sun, Aug. 27 at 2pm

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