THE CIVIL WAR Runs April 28-May 6

SBP_The Civil War logoTHE CIVIL WAR
Showbiz Players
April 28-May 6
The Carnegie [Covington]

Directed by Bunny Arszman
Vocal & music direction by Alan Masters
Choreographed by JV Katz & Bunny Arszman
Produced by Bunny Arszman & Ken Goldhoff

The Soldiers: Lane Cohen as Capt. Emmett Lochran, Ken Goldhoff as Capt. John Todd, Jeff Richardson as Capt. George B. Swan, Steve Hofferber as Capt. Billy Pierce, Mike Fielder as Capt. Victor Beauregard/AutoLycus Fell, Zac Huffman as Bill McEwen, Michael “Mickey” Mills as Nathaniel Taylor, Gary Rogers as Horatio Wright, Kent Smith as Spencer Adams, Karl Bolinger as Richardson Allen, Scott Ledyard as Patrick Barns, Justin Stallkamp as Samuel Taylor, Dana Kisor as Cyrus Stevens & Andrew Weidner as Virgil Hendricks
The Enslaved: Glenn Davis as Benjamin, Henry Farfsing as Exter, Rita Winters as Bessie Toler, Charles McClinon as Douglass, Royce Winters as Clayton Toler, Adia Dobbins as Harriet, Tony Wright as Jeremiah, Kyndra Dyanne Jefferies as Bethea, Charice Davis as Letty, Linda Meador as Jessey & Meredith Strayhorn as Nea
Civilians: Joel Lind as The Narrator/Lincoln Speeches, Emily Rowekamp as Sarah McEwen, Deb Cornetet Schubert as Hannah Ropes, Amy Wingert Gilmore as Clara Barton, Cathy Bennett as Pauline Cushman-Grave & Sharon Shelton as Dorothea Lynde Dix

Inspired by the Ken Burns PBS documentary series about the Civil War, Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn and lyricists Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd created a series of pop, country and gospel songs that are based on letters written by soldiers, speeches from Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, and poetry from Walt Whitman, Sojourner Truth and Maya Angelou. The show was nominated for 4 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

The production is a powerful and moving experience. It is not about the battles or who won or lost. It looks at that time in our history through the eyes of the people who were there. It is a true history lesson for all of us.

Please Note: There will be historical photographs projected throughout this production, some graphic in nature.

  • Fri-Sat, April 28-29 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 30 at 3pm
  • Tue-Thu, May 2-4 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, May 5-6 at 8pm

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