ROMEO AND JULIET Runs Sept. 28-Oct. 2

CCM_Romeo and Juliet promo

Photography by Lyons Photography, Inc..

UC College-Conservatory of Music
Sept. 28-Oct. 2
Patricia Corbett Theatre [University Heights]

Directed by Brant Russell

Cast: Owen Alderson as Capulet, Carissa Cardy as Montague, Jabari Carter as Gregory, Clare Combest as Lady Capulet, Jacqueline Daaleman as Lady Montague/ Chorus 1, Gabriella Divincenzo as Friar Lawrence’s Assistant/ Watchman, Sarah Durham as Watchwoman, James Egbert as Friar Lawrence, Ryan Garrett as Paris, Annie Grove as Mercutio, Landon Hawkins as Tybalt, Carter La Cava as Sampson/ Watchman, Spencer Lackey as Romeo, Katie Langham as Nurse/ Actor, Katie McDonald as Juliet, Julia Netzer as Abraham/ Apothecary/ Watchman, Josh Reiter as Balthasar, Mickey Tropeano as Benvolio & Emily Walton as Prince

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” William Shakespeare’s legendary tale of young love and bitter hatred returns to the CCM stage like you’ve never seen it before. Witness the deadly feud between the Montagues and Capulets in this subversive retelling of the Bard’s iconic story. It’s a comedy — until it’s not.

  • In preview, Wed Sept. 28 at 8pm
  • Thu-Fri, Sept. 29-30 at 8pm
  • Sat, Oct. 1 at 2pm & 8pm
  • Sun, Oct. 2 at 2pm

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