ACTUP 2013-2014 Orchid Awards


  • Excellence in Direction- Joey Schnell
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Gabe Hoyer as Father
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Savannah Slaby as Eve
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Will Graber as Cain
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Sydney Mahon as Yonah
  • Excellence in Overall Technical Quality- Laura Peebles and Danielle Gurr Campbell
  • Excellence in Lighting Design- Eric Bardes
  • Excellence in Costumes- Kalyn Corstanje, Andrea Myers Ledford, Becky Corstanje
  • Excellence in Set Design- Brent Peebles and Steve Fair
  • Excellence in Special Effects- Scott Meyer


  • Excellence in Direction- Joel Saeks
  • Excellence in Ensemble- Joel Saeks and Cast
  • Excellence in Musical Direction- Jeanne Bilyeu
  • Excellence in Choreography- Emily C. Emily Brinkman
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Dane Morey as Minstrel
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Autumn Carter as Princess Winnifred
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Erin Speno as Lady Larkin
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Eric Camerer as Sir Harry
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Emily Meinerding as Queen Aggravain
  • Excellence Musical Theatre Performance- Ally Peebles as Jester
  • Excellence in Overall Performance Quality- Joel Saeks and cast
  • Excellence in Overall Technical Quality- Danielle Campbell and Laura Peebles
  • Excellence in Producing- Danielle Campbell and Laura Peebles
  • Excellence in Costumes- Becky Corstanje and Andrea Ledford
  • Excellence in Set Design- Steve Fair and Brent Peebles
  • Excellence in Stage Management- Deborah Meyer

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