THE WHISTLER runs May 24-June 10

Presented by Speakeasy Theatre
May 24-June 10

THE WHISTLER takes place in 1965 in an unnamed Southern city where the neighbors enjoy running pickaninnies off the road. With the Andy Griffith Show in its fifth season, professional whistler Henry has a steady royalty income though he hasn’t worked in years. His wife wants to move to New York to further her career as a page-turner; his 14-year old son wants to undermine the military-industrial complex, and for his parents to stop quarreling. Enter an edgy washed-up trumpet player who is drawn by Henry’s talent but reluctant to show himself; he’s been burned by white men too many times before. But he may be the one person whose heart is as pure and terrible as Henry’s own.

Directed by Tim Waldrip
Produced by Tim Waldrip, Carol Brammer & Paul Baerman

Cast: Michael G. Bath, Carol Brammer, Tony Davis, Carter Bratton, Gerri Sutyak & Michael Wolfe

  • Thu-Sun, May 24-27 at 8pm
  • Thu-Sun, May 31-June 3 at 8pm
  • Thu-Sun, June 7-10 at 8pm

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