MO-TONES BIG BAND Featuring Sherry McCamley and Mark Hardy

Don’t miss this one! A $5 donation gets you into the hottest performance in town. Bring yer’ dough for our raffle, too!).

THE MO-TONES, a brilliantly-matured ensemble of the Queen City Rainbow Band, performs steamin’ hot Big Band tunes (“Sing, Sing, Sing,” “In The Mood,” and “Zoot Suit Riot”, to name a few) plus Big Band interpretations (“DreamGirls,” “Pick Up the Pieces,” and “Moondance”), and more swinging selections at the Cabaret (above Below Zero Lounge) on Saturday, Feb. 18th at 8pm.

Forgive us for not mentioning who your MO-TONES are. Under the musical direction of Andy Garitson, our saxes are Jim Maschinot, Hollie Anderson, Dan Myers, Fred Martens, Lisa Holt & Tom Mitchel, Trumpets: Karen Hoopes, Teri Knox, Leann Dessauer & Joel Payne, Trombone: Jen Byrd & Ken Rega, Drumset: Jill Karner, Emcee, Richelle Frabratta. A tad bit curious? Listen below.

Huge, we scored both SHERRY McCAMLEY and MARK HARDY as guest vocalists, who will be singin’ to our Big Band beat. both are professional performers who appreciate the unique sound that only a Big Band can make! (Sherry even had her own Big Band before. Just sayin’.)

Did you know the creator of THE FAMILY GUY, Seth McFarlane, is a huge Big Band fan and Big Band singer himself? His show theme is Big Band. In honor of our buddy Seth, we are performing a hot new arrangement of his FAMILY GUY theme.

Seating is Limited. Get your $5 tickets in advance here or, if you really need to, they will be available for you, and your posse, at the door. You can check out the FaceBook event here.

We will have more opportunities to help the QCRB (who receives all proceeds from this event) with many fabulous raffle items.


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