BPI Introduces Apprentice Seating

Ever wonder what’s happening “behind the scenes?”

Two very special seats per performance that take you deep into the production. After a backstage tour, “apprentices” will take their seats in the control booth half an hour before show time. From there they can watch the stage manager prep the cast and crew, including the lighting and sound people sitting right in front of them. From the booth they will listen to the crew’s interactions throughout the performance—both “live,” and over the headset each apprentice will wear.

Want to see the show as a “normal” audience member before or after your apprentice experience? Apprentices can purchase a ticket for a different performance at half price.

Apprentice seats are $30 each—first come, first serve. Perfect for theater majors, super-fans, and people wanting to add perspective to their theater-going experience.


Saturday Feb. 11: 7:15 tour, 8:00 showtime
Sunday Feb. 12: 2:15 tour, 3:00 showtime
Friday Feb. 17: 7:15 tour, 8:00 showtime
Saturday Feb. 18: 2:15 tour, 3:00 showtime
Saturday Feb. 18: 7:15 tour, 8:00 showtime

Call the BPI ticket line at (513) 233-2468 to make a reservation.

*BLOOD BROTHERS, by the author of Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine,tells the story of a single mother who, in financial desperation, gives away one of her newborn twins and attempts to keep them from discovering one another’s true identity. Pressures of superstition, economics, and class collide in this award winning musical which has continually run on London’s West End for 23 years. This show is particularly timely after this year’s London riots…

“The most exciting thing to have happened to the English musical theatre for years.”-Punch 

“A full bodied musical, a wonderful melodrama that is also a thoroughly modern ballad opera.”-Wall Street Journal 

“There are so many good things to shout and sing about in this new musical.”-Daily Mail

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