Behind the Curtain Cincinnati Announces Launch of New Partnership with Cincy Stage Merchandise

CSM_shirt logoFor more than 20 years, arts’ advocate Rob Bucher has built a loyal base of online readers across multiple social media platforms in the interest of promoting and enhancing Cincinnati’s local arts’ scene through his blog, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati (  Each year, hundreds of thousands of readers engage with and rely on this website for local performance information.

Now, tapping into the numerous theatrical organizations it supports, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati is launching a partnership with Cincy Stage Merchandise (CSM) in advertising their services to schools, theatres, and arts’ organizations in the Greater Cincy/Northern Kentucky/Dayton area! Through this partnership, CSM is offering groups with upcoming productions a hub to research apparel merchandise featuring the production and organization’s logo on numerous styles of products available for sourcing and ordering.

“The goal of my online presence has always been to support the outstanding work of all of our incredibly diverse local arts’ organizations. By partnering with Cincy Stage Merchandise, I am making another local resource easily available to our thriving arts’ community,” shared Rob Bucher, the man behind the blog.

Long time Cincinnati theatre veteran, Forrest Fairley, is partnering with Behind the Curtain Cincinnati in developing this merchandising strategy for theatre companies and organizations through his new company entity, Cincy Stage Merchandise.  “Having been a loyal subscriber to Rob’s Behind the Curtain Cincinnati site for a number of years, I felt we could offer a window to subscribers with a one-stop shop for groups in providing them a creative and cost-efficient source for all of their apparel designs and products typically used for casts and crews,” explained Fairley.

For more information or to view and request ideas for your group’s upcoming production, please visit or contact:

Forrest Fairley

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