Walterhoope Presents 13TH & REPUBLIC, an Interactive, Operatic, Radical Dance Film ⎼ Free For All

WH_13th and Republic logo

Poster art by Nytaya Babbitt

Walterhoope, a Cincinnati performing arts company, will produce 13TH & REPUBLIC, a dance film that addresses excessive police force against Black communities and the mental health of the country.

The film can be streamed for free starting Monday, December 28th at 6:00pm at In addition to the release, there will also be a live-stream discussion panel at 8:00pm following the film. Go to today and enter your email to receive a reminder about the premiere (you will not be added to any other lists).

Directed and choreographed by Darnell Pierre Benjamin, 13TH & REPUBLIC takes a conceptual approach to its story through music, dance, and poetry. The piece is simultaneously a reflection and a call to action. 13TH & REPUBLIC features original poetry by Cincinnati poet Tyrone Williams, and an original score by composer Kaleel Skeirik that weaves together Contemporary Symphonic, Jazz, Renaissance, and Appalachian folk song, for voices and instruments. It also features original Gospel music by composer Dan Larkin. Its Director of Photography is Simion Collins of RiverSky Films.

13TH & REPUBLIC stars Montez Jenkins-Copeland with Donald Burns, Brandon Burton, Ernaisja Curry, and Ashley Morton. It features the vocal talents of Griff Bludworth, Anyeé Farrar, Ellen Graham, and Miles Wilson-Toliver.

“I see the piece being inspired heavily by the shooting of Timothy Thomas in 2001, but then taking that and applying to it what we’ve learned since then. From where does this hate stem? What’s at the core of it? And from what I can see, at its core is a mental health crisis,” says Director Darnell Pierre Benjamin. “Cincinnati, as well as the whole of this country, is still suffering from the symptoms of its troubled history. It impacts all of us. It’s not just Black people, it’s not just police officers, it’s the mental health of the country.”

Walterhoope is a professional performing arts company in Cincinnati, OH that creates world-class artistic productions. They are committed to telling stories that matter in the most interesting ways possible. They embrace different art forms to create surprising experiences that challenge, inspire, and create authentic connections with their audience.

For more information visit or contact them at Connect with them on Facebook at and Instagram @walterhoope.


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