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Poster by Eric Kilpatrick.

Part of the Cincinnati Lab Theatre Remote New Works Festival
Aug. 7

Written by Ron Burch
Directed by Derek Snow

Cast: R. DeAndre Smith as Thompson, Jeffrey K. Miller as Davis, Alexa Glaser as Lee, Natasha Boeckmann as Flores, Jazz McMullen as Miller, Stage directions by Aliyah Motley

Set in a claustrophobic room, the five heads of the American military-Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard meet after one of them, Thompson, was approached by the President of the United States who wants them to join him in a coup of our government. They also find out that the president has dirt on each of them and is willing to use it if they don’t. While trying to come up with a unanimous decision, they discover that one of them has betrayed them to the president. Thompson figures out who betrays them and decides, using the confession of the culprit, that, despite the possibly catastrophic personal risk, to stop the coup.

  • Fri, Aug. 7 at 7pm

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