Cast Announced for ALWAYS PLENTY OF LIGHT AT THE STARLIGHT ALL NIGHT DINER at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

ktc_always plenty of light at the starlight all night diner logoKnow Theatre has announced the cast for their upcoming production of ALWAYS PLENTY OF LIGHT AT THE STARLIGHT ALL NIGHT DINER.

The cast includes:

  • Lormarev Jones as Sam, the Starlight’s overnight janitor who’s hopelessly in love with Jessa. Lormarev previously appeared at the Know in The Darkest Night at the Gnarly Stump (2016).
  • Leah Strasser as Jenna, the Starlight’s (very pregnant) late-shift waitress.
    Leah was last seen at the Know in Marian (or, the True Tale of Robin Hood) (2017).
  • Michael Burnham as Dr. Franklin Moxie, PhD, a time-travel enthusiast and eccentric but lovable weirdo. Michael is returning to the Know after previously appearing in Moby Dick (2014).
  • Maggie Cramer as Danni, Dr. Moxie’s graduate assistant and a total dino buff.
    Maggie makes her Know debut with Starlight.

When an asteroid threatens the earth, the logical escape is your favorite diner, especially when that diner just might be a time machine. This thrilling world premiere is an adventure story about finding hope and connection in the face of insurmountable odds.

Directed by Alice Flanders, performances run Feb. 22-March 16.

For more information visit

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