Disney’s NEWSIES! the Broadway Musical Runs July 27-Aug. 5 at Cincinnati Actor’s Studio and Academy

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Carry the banner with CASA as the first educational company in the state of Ohio to produce this blockbuster hit musical!

July 19, 2018 – It is time for this generation to be heard…and more than just singing and dancing!

In their upcoming production of Disney’s NEWSIES! The Broadway Musical, Cincinnati Actor’s Studio & Academy (CASA) will bring these iconic songs to life and note how this revolutionary story about children fighting for their rights, is still more timely than ever.

It’s time to carry the banner with Disney’s Newsies! Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Newsies! is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged “newsies.” When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what’s right!

Ticket and Production Details
Performances will be on Friday, July 27th – Sunday, July 29th & Friday, August 3rd – Sunday, August 5th at 7:30PM. All performances will be at Essex Studios (2511 Essex Place, Studio 282B, Cincinnati, OH 45206).

Tickets are $15 for students/seniors and $20 for adults, and can be purchased online https://casastudio.booktix.com/index.php or at the door.

NEWSIES! runs approximately 2.5 hours including an intermission and is appropriate for ALL ages.

For more details, visit www.casastudioacademy.com or CASA’s Facebook page.

*Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International*


  • Director: Gina Cerimele-Mechley
  • Stage Manager: Olivia Lenore
  • Assistant Director: Kate Stuard
  • Choreographer: Maria Broderick
  • Music Director: Melody Wallace
  • Conductor: Matt Berman
  • Accompanist: Jacob Strom
  • Costuming: Finney Kutcher, Bethany Bennet, Sondra Kusse


  • Paige Genevieve Ambach: Katherine Plumber
  • Chloe Baron: Henry (a newsie)/Featured Dancer, Darcy
  • Breanna Brandenburg: Albert/Elmer (a newsie)/Featured Dancer/Dance Captain
  • John Cerimele: Mr. Jacobi
  • Cayce Cobaugh: Davey (a newsie)
  • James Covarrubias: Buttons (a newsie), a scab, a goon (fighter)
  • Bella DeJesus: Romeo (a newsie)
  • Nicholas Delfino: Nunzio (barber), Photographer, a goon (fighter)
  • Sara Detwiler: Les (a newsie)
  • Kaitlin Diersing: Tommy Boy (newsie), Bunsen (Pulitzer’s bookkeeper), a goon (fighter)
  • Meghan Dincler: Mike (a newsie), A scab, a goon (fighter)
  • Laura Dinn: Finch (a newsie)/Featured Dancer
  • William Forgham: Snyder (warden)
  • Grace Goodwin: Jo Jo (a newsie)/Featured Dancer, Nun, Bowery Beauty
  • Cecilia Gries: Dance Captain, SPECS(a newsie)/Featured Dancer
  • Meg Griffin: Joseph Pulitzer, a goon (fighter)
  • Amy Helms: Spot Conlon (the brooklyn newsie)/Featured Dancer
  • Allie Houston: Nun, Hannah (Pulitzerʼs secretary), Bowery Beauty, A Delancey Brother
  • Taylor Lindsey: Seitz (Pulitzer’s editor)
  • Carley Millette: Splasher (a newsie), a goon (a fighter against the newsies)
  • Gabrielle Mouch: Race (a newsie)/Featured Dancer
  • Ryan Smith: Medda Larkin
  • Nick Swope: MUSH (Newsie), Cop, Bill, A SCAB
  • Katie Tierney: Stage Manager (character in the show), Pulitzer’s Guard, a goon (fighter), Mayor
  • Nick Wasserbauer: Jack Kelly (a newsie)
  • Cristina Whyte: Crutchie (a newsie)
  • Emily Wolfe: Ike (a newsie)

“I feel like the main theme of the show, especially in conjunction with the mission of CASA, is “The Children’s Crusade.” Music Theatre International in their production handbook says that they hope this “inspires you to take risks, to explore new methods of storytelling, and to empower” the cast and audience. This is also the reason why CASA was founded 11 years ago…to help the younger generation find their own individual voice. This requires risk, storytelling, and empowerment!

Most people familiar with Newsies will rave about it due to its spectacular dancing and catchy songs. What many do not realize is that it is based upon actual events of the 1899 newsies strike started and run BY CHILDREN! Newsies were as young as 4 years old, but most of the members of the “first newsies union” were between 11-15 years of age. It lasted about 2 weeks and actually ended with results of a successful compromise. This story speaks so loudly and clearly to today’s generation. Just like the students who founded March for our Lives, the real newsies of 1899 “challenged our whole generation to stand up and demand a place at the table.” There were many more strikes to follow until finally in 1938 Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We do this production with the hope to motivate and inspire this generation to not stop fighting until they get their place at the table, just like the decades of Newsies did.

It is time for this generation to be heard…and more than just singing and dancing!”
— Gina Cerimele-Mechley, director


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One response to “Disney’s NEWSIES! the Broadway Musical Runs July 27-Aug. 5 at Cincinnati Actor’s Studio and Academy

  1. I recently saw Newsies at Central Piedmont Community College- my family and a college friend planned this as a surprised. Tickets were bought in June. So this college friend on the day of show drove me to CPCC; she was telling me she just wanted to see the theatre- I was like you only see it if you are seeing the show- we were literally standing in the we call line and nothing crossed my mind that she had bought tickets back in June. So literally Newsies was kept a secret for a month- I wanted to see Newsies at CPCC since hearing they were doing it and this community college did such a wonderful job. My 2nd time seeing the stage show.


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