CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 7

Tonight is Two-fer Tuesday as I cross over into the two-show path.

CFF_Balls of YarnsFirst stop is BALLS OF YARNS, this year’s entry from the Troubadour of the Trailer Park, Paul Strickland:

Four-time Best of Fest Winner Paul Strickland’s new hilarious one-man musical adventure! David Lynch meets The Wizard of Oz. Songs! Yarns! Balls! In a strange town where creaky doors sing with you, libraries are separate from truth-braries, and extraordinary stories are shared through yarn and tin can, an ominous lurking evil has threatened to make things normal. NOT ON PAUL STRICKLAND’S WATCH. Jokes! More Yarns! Again, Balls!

CFF_Invisible GirlShow number two is INVISIBLE GIRL from ImagiNation Incorporated, a new local participant.

Sarah is the Invisible Girl; a fugitive who has taken residence in the bottom of the city sewer to avoid being bought and sold for currency in an alternate America. Her refuge, however, is short-lived as she is haunted by a series of specters that force her to confront her societal wounds. Loosely based on the Ralph Ellison novel, “Invisible Man,” Sarah’s invisibility is psychological rather than literal; a transformation through a series of vignettes.

After tonight, 19 shows down, 11 to go! Just keep fringe-ing.

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