Falcon Announces All Auditions‏ for 2014-2015 Season

FT_logoWe’re pleased to announce auditions for the entire Falcon Season.  Each show will audition individually; please be sure to audition for each show you’re interested in.

For all auditions, please bring a resume and headshot if you have them.

Please direct all audition questions to auditions@falcontheater.net

Directed by Ed Cohen
August 18 & 19
7-9 PM
Monmouth Theatre
Show dates:  February 13-28, 2015
7 men:
  • (the role of Virgil Tibbs has been pre-cast)
  • Chief Gillespie:  30-50
  • Sam Wood:  20’s-30’s
  • Pete:  20’s-40’s
  • Tatum/Endicott/Jennings:  30’s-50’s
  • Coroner/Mayor/Klansman:  40’s-50’s
  • Harvey/Purdy/Klansman:  30’s-50’s
  • Kaufman/Ralph/Klansman:  30’s-50’s
1 woman:
  • Noreen Purdy:  late teens/early 20’s (should play as teens)
Auditionees will be asked to read from the script

Directed by Jared Doren
August 20 & 21
6-9 PM
Monmouth Theatre

Show Dates:  May 29-June 13, 2015

Prepare two contrasting pieces 16 – 32 bars max.  No a cappella or taped auditions.  May be asked to read from the script.

Directed by Tara Williams
September 7 & 9
7-9 PM
Monmouth Theatre

Show dates:  December 5-13, 2014

Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

  • Dasher-Lead reindeer, in charge, 40-50, Male
  • Cupid- Gay,flamboyant, gossip, 20-40, Male
  • Hollywood- Conceited, celebrity wanna be, 20-40, Male
  • Blitzen- Feminist, no nonsense, in your face, 20-50, Female
  • Comet- Southern, former juvenile offender, brash, 30-50, Male
  • Dancer- Jewish, ditzy, not sure what side to take, 30-50, Female
  • Donner- Rudolf’s Dad, sympathetic, a bit lost, 40-50, Male
  • Vixen- smart, sincere, full of sex appeal, 20-35, Female
Directed by Tracy M. Schoster
September 29 & 30
7-9 PM
Monmouth Theatre
Show Dates:  April 10-25, 2015
Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

The play takes place in a very small town in Louisiana during WWII (1943)
  • Tood: early 20’s  Genuine, bit of a dreamer but determined
  • Sybil:  mid 20’s.  “Sophisticated” or “fast” in her crowd
  • Weetsie: mid 20’s. Plain.  Religious and very much the country girl.
  • Aunt Ola: Mid 40’s-50. The mother-in-law of the 3 women. Strong, matriarchal.
  • Kate:  Early/Mid 40’s.  Correspondent/Photographer for Life Magazine.  Successful woman in a man’s world
  • Addie Mae: Mid 40’s. Local newspaper reporter
  • Tommy:  early 20’s. The youngest brother of the family. Married to Tood. Eager, friendly and insecure.

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